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In today’s economy, organizations must possess a mission that is focused on service and execution. This focus requires an ability to balance the challenges of an organization’s current reality with its future viability. Galilee Agency utilizes the Hoshin Planning process for developing an organizational strategic action and alignment plan. The Hoshin Strategic Planning process integrates the parts of an organization’s focus to develop the whole for future direction. Clients working on their strategic plan have the opportunity to assess the current reality and identify the critical success factors for positioning their organization for the future.

Galilee Agency offers consulting services in the field of training and development, which is concerned with formal organizational activity aimed at bettering the performance of individuals and groups in organizational settings. We utilize planned learning opportunities such as workshops, meeting and retreat facilitation, and coaching in order to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage for our clients. Galilee Agency’s training and development opportunities are effective because we begin with the overall strategy and objectives of the organization and assist individuals with aligning their personal and professional skills with the goals of their organizations.

Today’s business leaders must be responsive to shifts of external and internal demands and must align their organizations accordingly. Galilee Agency provides current reality assessments of the leadership capacity, operations management, policies and procedures, and business development.

Brenda Anderson has more than 25 years of leadership and organizational development experience in Fortune 500 corporations. She has held key leadership roles in human resources, training and development, operations, accounting and financial management.

For the past 10 years Brenda has worked with business owners across the country helping them to position and grow their businesses. Brenda’s clients value her ability to help them strategically align their organizations’ efforts with their mission and vision.

Brenda has led multiple organizational development engagements nationally as well as internationally. She was a member of an international team supporting leadership development for Alcoa Europe, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Featured in the November 2012 issue of Black Enterprise magazine, Brenda was named as one of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce 2010 Diversity Champions, Pride Magazine’s 50 Most Powerful Black Women; Charlotte Business Journal Who to Watch in 2008 Business Leaders, Charlotte Business Journal’s 2006 Women in Business Achievement and 2004 Diversity Catalysts Winners.



Specialties: training and development developing organizational strategic action plan examines critical success factors create value propositions


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