Fuse Advertising


In 1997 the principals of FUSE decided to expand our local marketing organization led by Final Phase Marketing into a national builder of brands. In assessing the landscape, taking into consideration the social, economic and environmental factors, we decided to launch a creatively led ad agency focused on building a deeper relationship between companies and consumers. We sought to create provocative advertising that would not only build brands but also build self esteem and pride in the consumers that would view the messages.

The task to build an African American owned strategic and creative powerhouse was daunting. African American owned ad agencies rarely led the creative messaging of brands. African American owned agencies were relegated to African American targeted work. African American targeted media budgets were typically less than 2% of the general market budgets. Production budgets were assigned arbitrarily. And rarely was their contact with senior management. In spite of these odds, FUSE was able to produce award winning work and help create some of the strongest branding and promotional campaigns for clients such as Gillette, V408, IBM, the St. Louis Cardinals and the Missouri Division of Tourism. Our mission was simple. Produce great work by any means necessary and demonstrate that African American owned ad agencies were not inferior to general market agencies.

Today, you will see an evolution of FUSE. A derivative of FUSE. A power added to our values. A power added to our convictions. A power added to our faith that allows us to strategically take the foundation of FUSE and build it and our clients’ brands bigger and better.


  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Account Management and Brand Stewardship
  • New Product Development
  • Advertising Creative Development
  • Promotional Marketing
  • Interactive/Digital Strategy
  • Interactive/Digital Creative Production
  • Broadcast Studio (TV and Radio) and Editing
  • Experiential and Field Marketing
  • Media Planning and Buying
  • Local Activation/Retail Marketing


Specialties: ad agency create brand loyalty develop inclusionary strategies advertising creative development field marketing media planning and buying interactive/digital creative production


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