FOURANS is a Minority Women Owned Business based in Bridgewater NJ. Our wish is to be your Temporary staffing supplier of choice for Administration, accounting & IT . We are ready to work for any location.

FOURANS is headquartered in Bridgewater, New Jersey and provides leadership in IT and Technology Services. We have been successful in delivering top quality solutions with unwavering efficiency due its deep understanding of various industry domains and expert knowledge of various technologies.

FOURANS is recognized as one of the fastest growing Information Technology and Consulting Services companies in the US. We have been providing our Fortune 200 and Fortune 50 clients, the full spectrum of technology services from business and IT consulting to managing turnkey projects. Having a very strong pedigree in telecom domain, we have diversified into the financial and pharmaceutical sectors as well. With more than 185 professionals across more than 20 locations in the US and other global offices FOURANS boasts of excellent customer and employee retention levels simultaneously.

FOURANS is a major direct vendor to many Large Telecom, Insurance & Financial Companies. We get direct requirements from most of the States in US. We provide Consultants or Contractors on a Time and Material basis. We help and coordinate with our clients to create a successful IT team for their organization to achieve their goals. This will help our clients to save valuable time, cut down their cost and concentrate more on their core business. You will see FOURANS to be a truly wonderful company, partner and employer!

FOURANS has delivered professional services in over 11 service provider environment in terms of completing COTS product installation, configuration, data source & application integration across 40+ interfaces. The implementation involved interfacing to components like retail billing system, inter-connect billing system, switch, mediation device, OTA, SMSC server, GPRS, TAP, Prepaid IN platform, SS7 probes, HLR & inventory management system.

Leveraging the telecom product implementation capability in the service provider environment, FOURANS has also executed professional services in the Media space. This includes “Content Management Integration” for Triple Play Service deployment scenario through integration of Video headend, middleware & consumption side devices to each other and with back-end systems such as Subscriber Management, Billing, Mediation & Conditional Access.

The management of such data assets is the key to seamless integration & smooth operation. Frequent merger of business groups, coupled with increased need for inter-departmental data re-conciliation & data normalization makes the overall task of data management a time critical and effort intensive one.

WBE/DBE Woman/AA Owned Firm.


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1031 Route 22, Suite 301, Bridgewater, NJ 08807