is a full-service political research firm with experience providing voter targeting, polling, and analysis.  We empower your campaign with data and insights to help you identify and target you voters, improve messaging, and win.

We have provided voter insights and targeting data for political campaigns, political action committees (PACs), and non-profit organizations throughout North America. Our winning methodology is designed to help you identify and target your voters for the win.

The more you know about individuals, the more accurately you can you can predict their attitudes, their opinions, their behavior, their response to a message. Corporate marketers have been doing it for years, and so have the Republicans.

Now Leland Beatty is bringing cutting edge 21st century techniques to Democratic campaigns across the United States.

Each individual and household has available data sets for targeting. Leland and his team know how to find it and he crunches the data into carefully detailed lists of voters who–approached with the right message–can make the difference in an election.

It’s laser-beam targeting, and it lets you put your money where it’ll have the most impact – and leave a little for the victory party.

If you’ve got a challenging race, you owe it to yourself, your supporters and your donors to run the smartest, most cost-effective race possible. can help make that happen.

Issues Research
We provide thorough and solid research that will empower you to advance issues and campaign policies.
We will review research on opposition arguments and provide analysis with contrasting positions to safeguard against attacks and provide rapid response.
Survey Analysis
We understand that campaigns have questions: Is my candidate viable? Do we have winning policies?     Working closely with campaign leadership, we will assist you with exploring political and issues environments through sound surveys backed by easy to understand analysis.
Many campaigns only utilize off-the-shelf voter data. We enhance your existing voter lists by combining thorough survey analysis with our proprietary database.


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Specialties: opposition research general research survey analysis enhance existing voter lists develop winning formulas


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