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Elevación, Ltd., is working to introduce brands to a targeted marketing campaign centered around their original concept of “Hispanicness.” The DC-based full-service communications agency hopes their audience will understand that by influencing (and being influenced by) mainstream America, Hispanics are no longer a tactical niche market, but a strategic part of the general market.

The concept was launched via email, and explains to the recipients that in order to market to the Hispanic community, there is no need to “Hispanic-ize” their brand – that, chances are, their brand already possesses qualities of Hispanicness “expressed by its goals, beliefs, attitudes, distribution and sales.”

Rodolfo Hernandez , Elevación’s chief creative officer said, “Our belief is that most people are aware of the Census numbers by now; communicating that information would be redundant. The message we are sending urges brands not to change who they are, but to understand the reality that is already in front of them.”

The email recipients are invited to take a fun, original quiz to find out what their brand’s level of Hispanicness is, and once they receive their score, are directed to a microsite which further explains this new perspective: www.elevacion-us.com/hispanicness.




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