DSA Roofing

With 14 years experience, DSA Roofing offers first rate professional roofing expertise and knowledge in both residential and commercial roofing. DSA Precision Inc. guarantees the use of quality roofing products for lasting customer satisfaction.

We specialize in the following services:

On-Site Inspections
Detailed Condition & Recommendation Reports
Specifications & Estimates
Annual Service Available
Lifetime warranty.
Shingles lock together for maximum wind resistance.
24 shingles per square.
12shingles per bundle.
Average weight per shingle is 5 lbs.

Many people don’t realize they have roofing problems until it’s too late. After years of being exposed to heavy rains, snows, and winds, roof shingles can start to wear. Curling, peeling, and eventual disintegration of roof shingles can lead to severe, permanent damage to your roof and overall house structure. At DSA Precision we are professional roofers and can fix any roofing issues you may have.

Common Roof Problems:

  1. Shingle cracking and curling.
  2. Show Granule loss.
  3. Non professional insulation.
  4. Expired warranties.
  5. Storm damage.
  6. Ice dams.



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