Dogon Village Communications

 Dogon Village Communications specializes in creating and implementing  compelling national media campaigns targeting the African American community. Our expertise includes: campaign strategy, messaging, publicity, video production, digital content creation, and social media management. National social justice and civic engagement organizations, civil rights activists and organizations,  and high-profile entertainers, are among our impressive list of clients.

For over two decades Dogon has provided a vehicle for Blacks of the Diaspora to get the word out to the community globally. Dogon Village Communications has worked in the civil rights, nonprofit/civic engagement, environmental, and entertainment arenas to disseminate messages, ideas, and information, to broader audiences. Specializing in campaigns targeting the African American community, expertise includes: campaign strategy, messaging, publicity, video production, digital content creation, and social media management.

Dogon Village media consultants have worked on campaigns for: civil rights leader, Dr. Joseph E. Lowery; the 50th Anniversary of the March On Washington; the UN Climate Conference in Denmark; the CBCF delegation to the UN World Conference on Racism; and the Unity 2004 and 2008 Voter Empowerment Campaign, a national get out the vote media campaign (including production of commercials, publicity and materials) comprised of a coalition of over 150 civil and human rights organizations focused on increasing voter turnout in the African American community .


Specialties: campaign strategy messaging digital content creation social media management full-service media consulting


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