Destiny Speakers Bureau

Destiny Speakers Bureau is a boutique speaker management firm that provides marketing, management and development services for a select number of Professional Speakers, Thought Leaders, Culture Influencers and Solutionist in the areas of Business Leadership, Health and Wellness, Education, Entrepreneurism, Public Leadership, Public Health, the Arts, and Youth Empowerment.

Our speakers are regarded as experts in their industry and have been featured in Black Enterprise, Essence and Ebony Magazines. Because of their unique accomplishments several have appeared on premiere television programs including Late Night with David Letterman, The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN Early Addition, MSNBC Morning Line, ESPN’s Cold Pizza, FOX News Sports Express, FOX Sports News Live along with being featured on local TV programs, radio and newspapers.

Destiny Speakers Bureau works closely with meeting planners, corporations, businesses, government agencies, colleges/universities, non-profits and other specialty groups to find the right presenter or entertainer for their event..

We help  meeting planners, and organizations  select the ideal speaker, trainer or consultant to empower organizations to move forward.

We also offer training for public speakers.

MBE/WBE firm.


Specialties: select ideal speakers organizational empowerment speaking training


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