Designed By Carlos, Inc.

Designed by Carlos is a design studio focused on increasing the value of design. We’re purposely generalists, capable in a wide variety of mediums, from web design, to print design, and from signage to presentations. 

We work very quickly, able to respond to the changing nature of today’s 24 hour news cycle.

Web Design

We can build effective websites for campaigns, offices and causes to translate the message to a wide audience. We’ll focus on interactivity, social media and SEO friendly design, with high contrast, quality images

Print Design

Whether you need a brochure, pamphlet or flyer, we can design a unique print piece, sure to stand out from the crowd. If you’re planning an event, our event design capability is one of our strongest. Invitations, awards, and signage are right up our alley. Reach out and we’ll make it memorable.


PowerPoint presentations can go really well, or really boring. Utilize us to make sure your presentation is a positive, memorable experience. Our goal is always for viewers to say “I didn’t know you could do that in PowerPoint”


For conventions, indoor and outdoor events, we aim to get your message across the room, and to welcome your audience.

Send us a email or give us a call. We aim to always be available for you.


Specialties: small business branding website development market research designs


p. 3472776377


10 East 39th Street, Suite 1226, New York, NY 10016