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D A V I S Research Solutions is a full-service research firm, offering a limitless selection of research, policy, and communications products, services, and pricing options.

Having worked as staff on campaigns for more than ten years, our top goal is to provide consulting which is most useful to each client.  Not only do we offer more campaign experience than other firms, but having been the client for many consultants in the past, we know from a client perspective what works and what doesn’t, what is cost-effective and what isn’t.

Many firms simply mass-produce books of votes, but that doesn’t give enough information to work with.  We will work with you to make sure you get the most out of our firm’s experience, knowledge of current campaigns issues and news cycles, and ready-to-use products.

About Anne Davis:

After nearly ten years of campaign research experience, now have started Davis Research Solutions, a research consulting company. Our company offers everything from complete research books, to jump start research projects, extra research help on particularly time-consuming projects, and/or help when you need another research hand and some experienced guidance, such as when preparing response material for upcoming debates. We can help campaigns skip the trial and error phase of the research learning curve and will be as involved as each client would like.
I have worked on national, state, and congressional campaigns doing every type of research a candidate could ever need. I’ve worked closely with communications teams to utilize the research in the best way on long term projects and day to day press needs.

WBE firm.

Specialties: campaign research opposition research advise communication teams news cycle response


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