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Hot-headed strategies to cope too often result in…DOING ANYTHING! DOING EVERYTHING! DOING NOTHING! Cooler Heads prevail by unlocking the value data you’re already collecting to identify the probability of possibilities so you can craft marketing programs that you know will engage consumers and create dramatic growth for your company. Our highly consultative approach is designed to be:

  • Accessible: Affordable, advanced analytics that take the mystery, not the magic, out of marketing decision-making.
  • Actionable: Fact-based decision support to bridge the gap between business imperatives and marketing execution.
  • Intuitive: An innovative process built on the integration of your knowledge with best-in-class data sources so your company can assimilate and act on the insights delivered by our data-driven solutions.

Lauren Tucker founded Cooler Heads Intelligence because the world is full of hot-headed marketers making decisions based on nothing but guesswork. Why guess when you can know? Lauren’s 25 years of connecting the dots between business strategy and execution at leading marketing companies, including Leo Burnett, The Martin Agency and Burrell Communications, inspired her to innovate around data strategy and to develop an advanced analytics approach that created repeatable success in an increasingly dynamic business environment.

As founder and director of The Martin Agency’s Consumer Forensics and Martin Decision Sciences teams, Lauren led the charge to apply these innovative strategies to address some of the Fortune 500’s hairiest marketing challenges. These innovations fueled fearless marketing initiatives in a wide range of business categories, including CPG, food service, health care, automotive, travel, home improvement and business-to-business.

At Cooler Heads we put our knowledge, experience and passion to work to help you turn your data into growth by designing tools and workshops to help you successfully apply advanced analytics to the marketing challenges you face.

To sustain our commitment to diversity in data science technology and practice, we work hard to identify, develop and hire talented women, veterans and people of color and invest a portion of our revenue to provide learning experiences, fellowships and employment opportunities leading to STEM careers.






Specialties: Voter/Donor analytics & modeling Media Mix Modeling, analysis and consulting relating to media Quantitative message testing, including A/B and multivariate testing Emerging electorate analysis Advocacy analysis and development


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