Community Advocacy Partners, LLC


Community Advocacy Partners, LLC

(CAP) is a national advocacy consulting firm that builds cross-sector partnerships to unify philanthropy, nonprofits, governmental agencies, businesses and communities to achieve large-scale social impact.

CAP assists clients and partners in planning and developing large-scale campaigns and

initiatives that authentically engage key stakeholders and influencers, use data to strengthen

outcomes and result in strategic national/regional impact.

CAP specifically seeks to provide strategic campaign planning, advisement and management

to organizations interested in building, renewing or deepening their capacity and

infrastructure for broader social impact.



CAP was founded in 2011 by Etoy Ridgnal, a respected strategist and campaigner with an almost

20-year history of running successful large scale national and regional legislative advocacy,

electoral, union organizing and outreach campaigns for some of the nations largest organizations

and campaigns. Ms. Ridgnal has led campaigns within the SEIU, AFL-CIO, NYS Working Families

Party and most recently, served as the National African-American and Faith Based Initiatives

Director for Enroll America during the 2013 ACA Open Enrollment Cycle. She built a National

Faith Coalition of the 8 largest African-American denominations representing over 20 million

congregants who worked collectively with Catholic, Methodists, Jewish and Muslim congregations

to reach the most vulnerable populations in our country. Under her leadership, the ACA Faith

Coalition trained over 5000 clergy and lay leaders to conduct outreach in their churches, conducted

over 1500 outreach and enrollment events nationwide, reached over 500,000 congregation members

contributing to the enrollment of 1.5 million of the 8 million previously uninsured Americans.

A Minority Owned, Female Owned Company 


Specialties: legislative advocacy outreach campaigns


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