Clarity Campaigns Labs (CCL)

We are a start-up founded in 2012, bringing together many years of expertise at ISSI, NCEC, Democratic state parties and national party committees. Our team has worked on races across the country, from the historic Obama for America campaign to Governor, Senate, and Congressional elections to local issue advocacy campaigns and everything in between. The new company provides fully integrated analytic solutions to Democratic campaigns, progressive non-profits, and socially responsible corporations.

Taking advantage of the latest statistical and machine-learning algorithms, we built custom in-house tools to quickly deliver voter models and micro-targeting to accurately identify the individuals your campaign should contact. Some examples of possible models include turnout, prospective activist, candidate/issue support, fundraising, and persuasion.

Some key advantages of using our modeling and analytic team include:

  • Higher accuracy through advanced modeling algorithms and methodology
  • More efficient and cost-effective data collection through in-house survey tools
  • Extensive actual campaign targeting experience on local, state, and national races

Additionally in-house analytics servers are dynamically updated with national voter file and consumer analytics data from the National Voter File Coop and TargetSmart Communications, providing additional efficiency for our custom modeling projects:

  • No waiting for data exports or negotiating additional contracts
  • Two industry leading major consumer data sources plus numerous boutique and custom enhancements
  • Continually refreshed national models as inputs into custom projects

Our team consists of proven industry experts in the areas of campaign strategy, data, and analytics. The convergence of these skill sets represents what we are all about – providing the right data and analytic approach for each client’s unique needs, while at the same time ensuring that the resulting tools and information integrate seamlessly within the overall campaign strategy.

David Radloff co-founded Clarity Campaign Labs to provide fully integrated analytic solutions to Democratic campaigns and progressive non-profits. Previously as COO of ISSI, David oversaw day-to-day operations of the company, designed new products and services, and provided overall targeting and strategy advice to clients. Prior to helping start ISSI in late 2007, he was the Director of Data and Targeting at America Votes, a coalition of the largest progressive groups in the country. He was also a founding partner of tinyHorse Solutions, a political technology start-up that created “the Donkey”, a volunteer management system for campaigns. Before coming to DC, he worked for now-Senator Kaine’s 2005 campaign for Governor in Virginia. Prior to working in campaigns and politics he was a management consultant in New York City for each PricewaterhouseCoopers and IBM and worked on variety of projects around the country.

John Hagner is a Partner at Clarity where he oversees the expansion of our consulting and strategic service offerings. John joined Clarity as a Senior Vice President in 2013 after serving as the National Field Director for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in 2012 and was proud to be part of the team that beat the odds and helped grow the Senate Democratic Caucus. Before joining the DSCC, he was the first Director of Targeting and Data Analysis for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee from 2010 to 2011. He got his start on campaigns working for Howard Dean in New Hampshire and then moved to the Democratic National Committee for the 2004 general election. He was Sherrod Brown’s Field Director on his 2006 Senate campaign and stayed in Ohio running field and targeting programs for the Ohio Democratic Party in the 2008 cycle. Along the way he’s worked on races across the country, from aldermanic campaigns to Congressional special elections and everything in between.

Democratic firms Clarity Campaign Labs and TargetSmart Communications are working with DirecTV Group Inc. and Dish Network Corp., the nation’s two largest satellite-television providers, to give Democratic candidates at every level of the ballot the ability to tailor TV ads to specific households. The Democratic firms developed the tool for Dish and DirecTV to sell to individual campaigns.

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