Cigi’s Makeup Studio

Cigi’s Makeup Studio provides makeup artistry & men’s grooming services to the TV, film, video and print advertising industries. Our makeup artists are talented, resourceful and professional.

We are well equipped to handle everything from a simple green screen shot to a full commercial production, print advertisement and a candidate who is on the full-fledged campaign trail.

We specialize in creating a “polished” look for our clients while keeping them looking like themselves. Our artists always have another trick in their tool bag. Their talents range from making people look flawless to turning them into characters and creating a multitude of special effects including cuts, bruises and scars.

We are creative in our crafts but understand the teamwork dynamic and delivering the desired results by communicating and listening to our client’s needs.

As with all Cigi’s Artists, they accompany talent to the set and remain close to stand by for any touch ups necessary. We pay close attention to detail as well. We lint roll suit jackets, snip thread of collars and make sure hair fly-a-ways don’t take away from the message being conveyed.

WBE firm.


Specialties: grooming services to the TV, film and video image consulting


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5800 Foxridge Drive, Suite 125, Mission, KS 66202