The Choco-Voix company has an innovative patent-pending product.  We manufacture chocolate sculptures with a 10-second personalized voice module which you can record on a smart phone.  The Module is embedded in the sculpture.  This would make a perfect giveaway at a campaign event as a personal thank you from the political figure in his/her own words.  The chocolate is gourmet and the voice module remains forever.

Choco-Voix is a new exciting way to say your sentiment with a beautiful chocolate sculpture. Your recorded message will be placed into a sculpture so your gift is truly personalized. Please explore our web site to see all of our creations.

Choco-Voix was founded by Mark Wertman, Sarah Wertman, and Les Friedman of Northern Valley Caterers at Temple Emanu-El in Closter, New Jersey.  After seeing Sarah and Mark’s chocolate sculpture work, Les, impressed with the design, commented, “wouldn’t it be great if it could talk”.  Sarah and Mark quickly went to the drawing board and invented Choco-Voix sculptures (patent pending) and thus  their incredible partnership began.  They are now the proud owners of Chocovoix LLC based out of  Closter, New Jersey.




Specialties: Chocolate gifts


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