Centrax Media Group


Centrax Media Group  creates effective eLearning and eMarketing communication experiences — whether your audience is a potential or existing customer or your employees. Centrax leverages 29 years of experience with multimedia including: HTML 5, Flash animation and advanced programming, 2D and 3D animation, simulations and audio/video production.

Why Centrax

  • We create innovative, cost effective learning solutions utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and best-in-business practices.
  • We develop highly customized programs based on your unique content, audience, and needs.
  • We have an unparalleled expertise in animation, simulations, and 3D visualization.
  • We are a trusted supplier of eLearning and eMarketing excellence for an impressive and growing roster of clients.
  • We are a financially strong, growing enterprise with over 29 years of project experience.
  • We align ourselves with innovative marketing partners to achieve broader reach and peak company performance.

We develop custom online programs and mobile applications.

MBE/DBE firm.

Edward Prentice

President of Centrax Corporation, Edward Prentice founded the company in 1985 originally as a video production company, and in 1995 restructured Centrax by building a strong staff who would utilize sound instructional techniques and learning principles along with cutting-edge media development, to become the award-winning, web-based learning solutions company that it is today.

Ed has become a recognized speaker and representative in the eLearning and eMedia communities, and each year is called upon to deliver presentations, webinars, and speeches at numerous events and conferences around the country. Through Ed, Centrax has been represented at events for: ASTD, CCASTD, Elearning Guild, ISPI, Executive Learning Leaders, Chicago ISPI, Learnshare, CompTia, Practicing Law Institute, National Public Relations Society, and Adobe Presentations Society, to name a few.


Specialties: eMarketing 2D and 3D animation audio/visual production custom on-line programs


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