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Burwell Group is a provider to non-profit, government and private enterprise founded by retired Army Colonel Rudy Burwell with a focus on technologycommunications andemergency management.

Our team is led by its founder, retired Army Colonel Rudy Burwell, but it’s also comprised of some of the industry’s leading consultants, trainers, and experts. Our strategic alliances gives Burwell Group tremendous depth and extended resources that meet the needs of the smallest non-profit organization to the largest Fortune 500 company. Indeed, we are very proud of the diversity of our clients that range from nascent non-profits to the nation’s largest defense shipbuilder.

Burwell Group offers a sophisticated suite of services in the areas of Technology, Communications and Emergency Management Services.

Our Technology services are provided through our strategic alliance with Adcour, a New England based value-added power and electronics provider. Burwell Group provides complex assembly and testing services for a variety of government and commercial services.

In the area of Communications, Burwell Group offers a full suite of Public Relations and Crisis Communications services. Through its strategic alliances with several top-tier PR and Marketing firms, Burwell Group has a national reach and resources that can meet any and all of your communications needs.

Burwell Group’s Emergency Management services are second to none in the industry. We have at our disposal some of the leading experts in Emergency Management fully certified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in National Incident Management System (NIMS) operations.


Burwell Group’s distribution network specializes in the development, prototyping, production, and end-of-life management of complex, low-volume, high-mix electronics and assemblies used in defense and aerospace applications. With service offerings uniquely tailored to your requirements, Burwell Group provides you with the most competitive solutions available.

Burwell Group also represents an alliance of independent companies that are global leaders in the development and manufacture of total power solutions.

Primary Products Include:

  • Complex Radio Frequency (RF) Circuit Card Assemblies
  • Multi layer standard and metal core Printed Circuit Boards
  • Custom military grade battery pack solutions
  • Custom AC and DC power supplies – uninterruptable power supplies – military grade outdoor / extreme environment


Burwell Group offers a full suite of communications services for government and professional service providers, always performed with a tight focus on the strategic goals of our clients. Led by retired Army Colonel Rudy Burwell, the former Chief of Media Operations for the Multinational Corps. in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Burwell Group combines years of experience in crisis communications with a detailed understanding of the day-to-day communications needs of government bodies and professional service providers. Before founding Burwell Group, Rudy Burwell served as Executive Vice President of Hellerman Baretz Communications, a New York- and Washington, D.C.-based communications firm that during his tenure was named the best crisis management firm and best overall public relations firm in a nationwide poll.



Coupled with the continued threats from natural and technological hazards, the challenge of security and emergency preparedness has grown exponentially with the advent of terrorism within our shores. Our team wants to ensure that the people responsible for maintaining your organization’s infrastructure are able to undertake the development of integrated emergency preparedness programs that more adequately protect their facilities and, most importantly, your patrons.

Burwell Group is a recognized leader in emergency preparedness training and crisis communications.






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