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It has been twenty-four years since my friend and original partner, Kalamu ya Salaam and I watched an orange sun setting in a purple sky as we listened to Rasaan Roland Kirk carrying on about “Bright Moments” on the radio. We decided that would be a good name for a public relations and advertising company and thus began Bright Moments, Inc.

 We put our $750 dollars together and opened our $1,500 dollar account at Liberty Bank, sub-let a one-room office from Lloyd Dennis, a photographer friend, and opened our doors for business.

Kalamu and I had worked together at The Black Collegian Magazine and had developed reputations for community activism over our first thirty plus years of life in New Orleans.

 Our very first client was the architectural firm of Hewitt and Washington, two young Black architects with vision and expertise. In short order, Bright Moments gained a reputation for being able to reach the local community through creative events promotion, quality collateral material and original broadcast promotions.

 Bright Moments carved its first niche as effective political consultants for a variety of emerging Black politicians in New Orleans such as Bill Jefferson, Jim Singleton, Johnny Jackson, Oliver Thomas, Ken and Karen Carter, Sherman Copelin, and the late Dorothy Mae Taylor, often with the guidance of my mentor, the late Oretha Haley.

Bright Moments is a very unique agency for some very extraordinary times. We are committed to rebuilding New Orleans with a keen sense of equity, compassion, and respect for the people who lived here and want to come home. We will continue to work as hard as we can to reclaim “Our Place In The Sun”!

 As we launch this website, we are committed to making it a valuable resource for the rebuilding of New Orleans and the development of a new City where people are given the opportunity to live and grow families in a quality, safe, and equitable environment.




Specialties: communications public relations advertising


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