Brain Storm Products

BSP is the largest kite manufacturer in the country. We beleive that kites featuring politicial figures would be a great benefit to their campagins. Kites are extremely visual and represent a great family value.

BSP dominates the U.S. kite industry, featuring innovative designs in ready-to-fly configurations that redefine the kite flying experience. X Kites® continues to capture significant market share by offering creative new designs which are much easier to assemble than traditional kites and offer superior flying performance. X Kites® feature fiberglass constructions, durable, Ripstop Nylon, in-flight animation and stable flight.

We are proud to be the largest maker of kites in the United States. We sell a variety of kites including Licensed Assortments, 3-D, Plastic, Ripstop Nylon, Classic, Mini, Diamond, Delta, Fantasy, SkyFoil™, SpinBox®, Stunt, Sport and many more!

We hope you’ll enjoy flying our kites as much as we enjoy making them.

DBE Firm.


1011 South Andreasen Dr, Escondido, CA