Blue Crate Holdings, LLC

We have created an application called iSignedIn.  This app was created

as a way to sign into events and meetings electronically.  No longer

waiting in lines, no longer filling out papers.  The administrator

creates the event, can create an agenda, send an invitation to the end

user with a link to download the app from the apple store or from

Google Play.

The end user then creates an account – can upload a photo.  When they

are on the way to the event, they can get directions.  When they

arrive they are automatically ‘signed in’ to the event.  The end user

can see on their mobile device other end users that are at the event.

They can send in app messaging to the other attendees.

Features of the app:

•◦IOS and Android

◦Directions to Event

◦Eliminates paper check-in and standing in line

◦Automates attendance tracking

◦Ability to see who is attending event with you and message them

◦Auto email transcript to attendees at end of event

◦Print attendance list with arrival and departure time

◦Create an agenda for event with logo and all attendees can view

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