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Eugene Benavides is the Founder and Principal of Benavides & Associates; a public relations, political affairs and strategy company; specializing in developing public affairs, communication, political and relationship strategies for the private sector, government agencies, national non-profit organizations, campaigns, elected officials, and political institutions. He is also an expert in land use politics and has landed victories in some of the toughest land-use battles in the United States.

As a political strategist, Eugene has worked on several national, statewide and local campaigns. On the national level, Eugene has worked on five Presidential Campaigns. He was appointed to serve President Bill Clinton as a Writer at The White House.  He went on to serve the Clinton Administration in various detailed duties through advance work and media relations.

Eugene has taken political roles due to his knowledge and experience in developing relationships with statewide, local and federal  leaders; integrating national and statewide outreach strategies, developing voter contact plans, utilizing ethnic media, developing internet based strategies, and mobilizing diverse constituencies.  Eugene served as the California Primary Director for the Clinton/Gore Re-election Campaign and as the Nevada State Field Director for the Kerry/Edwards Presidential Campaign. In 2008, on behalf of the Democratic National Committee sponsored by DNC Vice Chair Mike Honda, he served as Political/Constituency Director for the Nevada State Democratic Caucus Primary.

In addition, he serves as one of the PAC’s facilitator for training potential candidates to run for political office throughout the country. In 2010, Eugene served as a media consultant to the Democratic National Committee in media (print and radio) placement throughout the country. In the same year, he assisted in the State of Hawaii’s electoral campaigns that resulted in both Gubernatorial and Congressional victories.

An expert on electoral politics, Benavides’ career includes providing strategic counsel to campaigns, policy initiatives, voter education and mobilization, political leadership and civic engagement. Benavides co-founded APIAVote, a national nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that encourages and promotes civic participation amongst Asian American and Pacific Islanders in the electoral and public policy processes. As Executive Director she oversaw the organization’s 2008 unprecedented national field, public education, and communications program that helped to increase the visibility and capacity of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community’s participation in the electoral process.

in the past they have conducted Get-Out-the-Vote (GOTV) trainings, endorsed pivotal statewide and federal candidates each year, supported campaigns with ethnic media buys and AAPI-specific field efforts, conducted research on AAPI voters, and has provided educational forums for the public.



Specialties: political strategist public affairs promotes civic participation amongst Asian American and Pacific Islanders land use politics get-out-the-vote (GOTV) trainings


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