Asian American Decisions

Asian American Decisions, a new sister company of Latino Decisions, focuses on Asian American political opinion research.

We provide clients with accurate, independent data to facilitate critical decisions. Our teambrings a unique combination of cultural competencies and analytical expertise to produce the most accurate information about Asian American political attitudes, experiences and engagement.


Rich diversity is an asset we understand well − in terms of both technical expertise and cultural nuances.

Clients rely on us to provide solutions that take important differences into account, without ignoring similarities, or broad trends. Our team has well-established expertise working with diverse populations that vary in terms of national origin, language preferences, nativity, and immigrant generation. Recent clients and projects include:


  • 2012 NALEO Educational Fund Asian Naturalization Survey and Focus Groups
  • 2010 We Are America Alliance Asian American Voter Survey and Focus Groups
  • 2008 We Are America Alliance Asian American Voter Survey

Solving the complexities of identifying, quantifying and understanding diverse Asian American public opinion

We know sound analysis of Asian American public opinion hinges on appropriate technical tools and cultural competence – both are essential. This is why organizations, foundations, agencies, and decision makers turn to us for help gathering information and crafting strategic solutions.

Our team of highly skilled social scientists, led by Dr. Taeku Lee brings expertise on Asian American public opinion and technical capabilities unparalleled in the industry.


Specialties: political opinion research voting trend research advance understanding of cultural nuances AAPI community experts Innovative survey instrumentation and experiments Original assessment tools and question batteries Demographically accurate sampling frames


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