Arete Technology Solutions Inc dba STATEMENT

STATEMENT leverages a distinctive combination of industry expertise, technical depth and differentiated services to deliver value through world-class management and consulting to our retail clients.

STATEMENT knows how to assess enterprise computing jobs and move them to cloud—or rewrite them as needed. Our cloud based solutions (new services / legacy-to-cloud) further reduce business risk and overhead from on-premise system management and support. Our experience goes beyond helping Fortune 100 companies modernize their technology ecosystem and deeper than managing the ever changing technology landscape that often creates a challenge for Fortune 500s. STATEMENT cloud computing consultants have the experience and training required and lead the way to solve today’s challenges.

STATEMENT lean system solutions work by offering statement making teams who fit seamlessly like a puzzle. Lean and Agile system will enable your team to collaborate effectively, increase velocity, increase ROI, and enabling a lean & agile culture. STATEMENT guides organizations towards anticipatory a LEAN/Agile culture. Our vast industry experiences have allowed us to develop a systematic process that blends Lean, Agile, and Design Thinking.



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