AGB Investigative Services


AGB Investigative Services is a strategic supplier of physical and virtual security, investigative services, fingerprinting and training.


Established in 2001, AGB a full service asset protection and risk
mitigation company, providing customized solutions and expertise in
all aspects of security from physical to virtual for clients worldwide.
-AGB is financially stable, and offers world-class security services backed
by ISO 9001 processes.
-AGB provides a stable, proven, and fully accredited workforce.
-AGB has extensive experience handling complex and sensitive security
and investigative projects.
-Intrusion detection and network penetration testing
-IT security auditing and compliance
-IT security risk assessment
-Server/application hardening
-IT security best practices implementation and compliance
-Disaster recovery/business continuity planning

AGB Employees/Personnel:
AGB has over 200 full-time and part-time
security officers.

We provide nationwide armed and unarmed security
guard services with our strategic partners. We can
also provide nationwide service in computer
information security.
-AGB is one of the leading minority-owned businesses
in the Chicagoland area.
-AGB is the leading minority company in the Midwest
with the capability to mitigate cyber threats.
Special Service Area (SSA)
-We have Community Policing Capabilities; we work
directly with the Chicago Police Department and local
businesses to decrease crime, loitering, gambling
and theft in and around businesses in communities.
-Our special knowledge of and training in gang activity
within communities increases the safety of officers,
business owners, and customers in the SSA Areas
that we secure and patrol.
-We build and maintain special relationships with
area police in the various districts we protect.
-AGB protection includes SSA 32, SSA 42, SSA 45,
SSA 48 and SSA 51.

Specialties: Investigative services cyber threats mitigation data protection


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